Suggested Reading, Videos and Resources for Entrepreneurs

I'm so glad I invested the time to read these books, watch the videos and visit the websites. They have all been incredibly valuable resources to me in one way or another.

They aren't in any particular order of importance. Take a look! 

Alex Hermozi
$100M Offers

Incredible Book. A MUST READ for anyone looking to take their business to the next levels.

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Hermozi - Free Video Courses

FREE Video courses based on the book "$100M Offers"

Click this link to go to his website to the videos, and FREE Download pdf's

Sometimes...the best things in life ARE free!

Alex Hermozi Free Courses
Video Class
MasterClass Sara Blakely

"Spanx founder Sara Blakely teaches you bootstrapping tactics and her approach to inventing, selling, and marketing products that consumers love."

Jim Edwards
Copywriting Secrets

What if you could sell anything to anyone?Nobody is born knowing how to sell. But the truth is,you can learn how to sell more . . . a LOT more. . . when you discover the right words that make people buy.Copywriting is selling. Whether online, offline, in video, direct mail, on Facebook, or from the stage, copywriting is how you put words together that make people click, call,or pull out their wallets and buy from you.

Donald Miller
Building a Story Brand

A classic. From the book description..

"If you use the wrong words to talk about your product, nobody will buy it. Marketers and business owners struggle to effectively connect with their customers, costing them and their companies millions in lost revenue."

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Marcus Sheridan
They Ask You Answer

Marcus Sheridan does a terrific job of explaining the why, what and how of content development and how to impress your prospects by answering all of their questions- and earn their business.

Seth Godin
This Is Marketing

"Great marketers don't use consumers to solve their company's problem; they use marketing to solve other people's problems. Their tactics rely on empathy, connection, and emotional labor instead of attention-stealing ads and spammy email funnels. 

No matter what your product or service, this book will help you reframe how it's presented to the world, in order to meaningfully connect with people who want it."

Simon Sinek
Start With Why

People like Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers had little in common, but they all started with WHY. They realized that people won't truly buy into a product, service, movement, or idea until they understand the WHY behind it. 
START WITH WHY shows that the leaders who have had the greatest influence in the world all think, act and communicate the same way—and it's the opposite of what everyone else does.

Books. Videos and More
Ray Dalio - Legendary Hedge Fund Manager

"Principles are ways of successfully dealing with reality to get what you want out of life."

Link to Ray Dalio Principles Website

Marcus Sheridan
The Visual Sale

More than ever before, buyers and consumers are demanding for more video. Just "reading" about a product, service, or company will no longer do the trick. Today, they must "see" it.  Notwithstanding this increased demand for video, most businesses and organizations have struggled to quickly adapt. In fact, many have no idea as to how or where to get started. For this purpose, The Visual Sale was written.

Andy Andrews
The Bottom of the Pool

Dive deeper with bestselling author Andy Andrews as he shares his unique philosophy regarding foundational thinking. Through his unique and captivating storytelling, Andy helps you search for the reality that lies beyond the boundaries established in the name of “best practices,” “industry standards,” or “the way things are done.” For it’s at the bottom of the pool that you discover a pathway to extraordinary results that most people in your position do not even know are possible.

In the first year of our relationship with Andy Andrews, Fairway doubled its business volume - from $5.4 billion to $11.2 billion. The second year with Andy, we cracked $17 billion, and the third year we moved past $22 billion." - Steve Jacobson

Ann Handley
Everybody Writes - Ann Handley

Everybody Writes is a go-to guide to attracting and retaining customers through stellar online communication, because in our content-driven world, every one of us is, in fact, a writer.

If you have a web site, you are a publisher. If you are on social media, you are in marketing. And that means that we are all relying on our words to carry our marketing messages. We are all writers.

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