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Be Searchified™

Revolutionize Your Online Sales & Advertising ROI in 4 Steps

Be what they want - WHEN they want it and are searching online.

Ready for a Sales & Marketing Digital Transformation?
Revolutionize Your Business Online in 4 Simple Steps.
No gimmicks, cookies or creepy tracking required.

Online Direct Marketing

Solve It.
Say It.
Show It.
Sell It.

Bonus: Google will deliver customers - many for free.

Solve It

What specific problem can you solve with your service or product? People take action the fastest when they have a need.
If it doesn't solve a problem, specificity helps a whole lot.

Say It

Describe features, uses, benefits. Be specific with your keywords, varied and go deep with your FAQ answers. We all search for what we want from lots of angles. What would your ideal customer type in the search box? Know the answer.

Show It

Images to delight and inform. Videos to explain. Reviews. Locations. Search results are multi-media, and Google is changing a lot - to give us all rich results in a wide veriety of formats. Are you maximizing search exposure at every online touch point ?

Sell It

Win the sale, get the call or the inquiry. Those who care the most, and take the time to share the most relevant information win online.
Visibility and Sales.

Privacy Friendly Marketing

A lot of businesses have relied on social media marketing and advertising to get people to their websites. For some it's effective.

Using a powerful privacy-first search strategy, you wont need to worry about tracking! Just sales, and delivering a great user experience.

Convince Customers (and Google and Amazon) Youre the Best Answer

Tell and Show Everything! There's a reason infomericals and home shopping networks are super successful.

They explain everything about a product from every angle - everything that does or might matter.

Do the same thing on your website using a wide variety relevant keywords (there are MANY) for the products and services that move the needle for your business.

How to do it. BE SEARCHIFIED™

Education for you and your team. Teach them to fish..

Why. What. Then How.

High level search strategies to revolutionize your results and get you up to speed - FAST.

Master Classes
Online Courses
In-Person Workshops

coming soon


Yes, on a limited basis. We're busy creating educational materials so we can scale (like you).

We're busy, but like you we're always interested in a great opportunity.

At this time, hourly consulting services are available to entrpreneurs, CEO's and businesses who have programs implemented and need a "quick make over", or who already have a decent understanding of search engine marketing and SEO (not the gimiky back link aquisition kind, or are focused on technical aspects).

The more you already have implemented, the faster we can help.

Fast is good for all of us.

Sort of. We started out as an "agency" - because we had a valuable service to offer and that's the way everyone like us was doing it.

Over the last decade of servicing clients, and collaborating with large advertising and marketing agencies and partners, it became obvious that SEO and SEM were under utilized because people dont understand the value of doing it well, or how to approach it because it's confusing.

The problem to solve is training. We need to train - too! It's hard becuase theres plenty of highly tactical information available for free - but not strategy (first).

Without a strategy - time is wasted.

Despite being called an agency - we're transition to an education model (DIY), or do it with you (DIWY) offering so entrpreneurs, small businesses, and agencies can benefit from the strategies.

We are search engine marketing specialists, web developers and designers who have combined many decades of experience in online sales and marketing - and account managent.

We, and our clients, have had huge successes to celebrate, and many failures to learn from.

The key to failure is to fail fast, fail cheap and fail forward in the direction you want to go.

We've learned enough to know it's time to scale.

Industries we have deep, direct experience with include (not listed in order of importance)

*Fragrances & Skincare
*Pet Products
*Food & Beverage
*Automotive and Parts
*Moving and Storage
*Doctors (Specialists)
*Holistic Medicine
*Hospital (One large)
*Industrial Products & Services
*Heavy Equipment
*Antiques and Collectibles
*Furniture Stores
*Solar Panels
*Cleaning & Restoration Services
*Specialzed Realtors
*Insurance Agencies

Sorry..we can't say it online without permission, it wouldn't be fair. They can and do refer us.

Lastly - we wont work directly with any of our clients competitors at the specific product or geographic location level.

No, we dont make websites.

But - we do have develpment partners who do, and are skilled in beautiful on-site implementations that are content & keyword rich.

Shopify, WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix and More.


We specialize in the type of SEO or search engine optimization, Google and Amazon wish more people understood. On-Page SEO. What you say and how you say it so they can share you and your website as the best or relevant answer for the search term.

Yes. Search Engine Marketing or SEM, as Google describes it in their online courses is Paid Search Advertising.
SEM is exceptionally effective when the keyword(s) or a buyers search terms are in the ad, and on the landing page.

For this reason, our method of SEM requires control or influence over all three for optimal results.

Keywords Targeted. Ad Copy. Landing Page Copy.

It's not complicated once you get the key concepts - you can scale with ease.

The hardest part for most is to reverse their perspective, and think like an online buyer instead of a seller.

Say what they want to know, what's in it for them.

The Searchified Certified™ process works and product, particularly for those with features, benefits and uses that people are searching for.

We believe what Google believes (always a sensible thing to do)

Say or create something great and other websites will share links, or back links to your product, site or page.

Backlinks are terrific, and encourage you to find your own ways to get them from reputable sources in your industry to help you get new customers.

Sort of. Let's say strategic keyword stuffing.

Most people think of keyword stuffing as writing the same word over and over again.

Literal keyword stuffing used to work quite well, and still does in some cases to get your site or page link on the first page of Google, Bing or your product to appear on the first page of Amazon and other online product sales sites.

In our experience, using a wide variety of highly relevant keywords - features, benefits and uses, FAQ's and answers to a questions - is the ideal approach. It's useful for the prospects, makes you more relevant to a wide variety of searchers, and helps drive sales and inquiries.

Lots of people want a clean look to their websites. A clean look on your website is a branding strategy, not a great sales strategy - and not good for showing up on search results.

If someone already wants your product or service, and they just want to click to buy or a phone number to call - great! If you already have more than enough prospects or customers - great! Have a super clean website.

For most of us, "clean" doesnt sell products and services. Buyers typically search online for answers.

Can you immagine going into a store with a lot of questions - and the sales people refusing to answer you? That's the user experience on "super clean" websites. A missed opportunity.

Go on Amazon and look at their winning formula. It's not "clean" and pretty! It sure does work well though.

Pretty websites don't sell. Words sell, and are the way the internet works best so far.

Enough said :)

Buyers Search a Particular Way.

Someone looking to buy a product, for exampe, commonly uses specific keywords or searchterms to find what they want.

They might specify brands, fabrics, sizes, colors, users (kids, women) specific features or solutions (sensitive skin, frizzy hair).

We all do it - we're specific when we want to buy something. Pay attention to your own searches.

Happily - there are efficient ways to identify all the ways buyers search for what you have, assuming you have something people want.

Direct marketing is reaching out to people in a certain area, or a specific demographic, for example.

We're doing the same thing with a twist - we only show up when they are ready to buy, and actively searching for what we have.

NICHE. NICHE. NICHE. The more specific you are, to the smallest most relavant audience - the better!

Keyword and topic targeting is most successful, as measured by sales, when you focus on keywords, brands and websites that buyers or "in market audiences" are interested in.

Anyone who is SERIOUS about success online using our Online SMARKETER™ approach, focusing on driving sales.

Search Strategy and Implementation.

Ideally you have a great brand, reputation, product or service, OR work with or for a company that provides online marketing services.

The educational component will be customized to specific roles and industries so that people will find it interesting and actionable.

Entrpreneurs, CEO's, CMO's, CRO's

Agency Owners (it starts at the top)

Independant Contractors
Graphic Designers and Web Developers

Students and Graduates who want REAL SKILLS to get a great job.

This product and service is NOT for anyone who isn't driven for tangible results.

We talk about buyers, buyers, and then buyers some more.

We think aboutside the box in terms of product position,

Our goal is to be fully up and running by Q1 2023.

Up and running means that we will have interesting online courses with actionable information presented in interesting ways.

Written, visual including vidoes, and interactive.

1-1 or Personalized Consulting Services are $500 per hour,
and guaranteed to identify pivotal strategies for improvements that will generate enough sales to cover the cost.

We reserve the right to waive the guarantee before booking the call, depending on the situation.

The Get Searchified™ Courses pricing is TBD based on Beta-Testing.