Digital Marketing Programs to Convince Buyers (and Search Engines) that You Are the Best Answer

Get ready to love your online marketing program because it drives sales.

It’s built to connect you to the most people that are “in-market” ready to buy EXACTLY what your business offers, something that matches EXACTLY what they are searching for – at the moment they are interested.

Reach Buyers and New Clients. Like direct marketing, only better because it’s INSTANT because the buyers and prospects have raised their hands, indicating their specific interest or need by searching online.

  • Most in-market buyers use search, not social media to find products and services when they are ready to act.
  • They are in-market, searching for exactly what you offer.
  • Buyers search the way they speak and speak their searches (keywords and phrases). They use a wide variety of terms and approaches to find exactly what they want or need.
  • Capitalize on a concept successful online-only businesses employ.

Convince Search Engines, including Google, Bing and Amazon You are a “top of page-1” best answer with ads and other tactics that prove relevancy. You offer what they want – exactly the way they searched for it.

  • You are a GREAT Match. Keywords. Business Listing. Landing Page. Website Content. Ads.

Buyers Click Ads.  Did you know? People likely to act now, or are in the final stages of their selection process click on relevant ads at the top of the page.

  • Products and Services. Ads are the fastest link to a customer.
  • Effective programs have fewer clicks and drive more sales.

Compete Effectively.  Your online competitors are winning business using advanced strategies. They are at the top of page-1.

  • Play offense and defense for the people most likely to act.

Generate Sales. Drive Revenue. Harness the power of the web to drive sales, the lifeblood of any business.

Start Where You Are. Every business is unique, but the process is exactly the same. Whether you sell toothpaste or offer specialized services. The only difference is the words in-market buyers use to find what they want.

Each year, we help businesses of all sizes, in all industries get their company growing with effective programs that help them increase their sales by focusing on buyers. We’ve had clients double, triple and even quadruple their sales.

Revolutionize your approach today. Contact us to learn more.

Leaders In Their Industries

5-Star Brands. 5-Star Clients. Each Enjoys The Highest Competitive Visibility in Their Market Place. Local. National. Global. Click on an image to learn more.

The Keyword Agency “Miriam has completely transformed my business…A pleasure to work with – always upbeat, always filled with creative ideas, always available. There are many good people in her field – but she is truly great!”

Dr. Gary Goldman | NY Presbyterian / Weill Cornell

Dan Matarelli“Miriam was integral in launching and driving traffic to and helping transform our global eCommerce strategy.  She is an expert in Paid Search/SEO planning and activation while providing valuable insight and analysis allowing our customers to discover our site, increase online traffic and part sales.”

Dan Mattarelli | Caterpillar, Inc.

Dean S testimonial The Keyword Agency Westport CT Miriam Bakker“Competent, capable and extremely knowledgeable. Miriam has done a great job… Highly recommended. Definitely the right choice for Search Engine Marketing!”

Dean Schwartz | CMO – Hayward Turnstiles
Carole Cusumano

“Miriam and The Keyword Agency team are highly valued partners for us for Ecommerce and all digital marketing activities including graphic design, SEO and SEM and social media to drive sales.

Carole Cusumano | CEO – My Canine Kids, Inc

Katharine“Miriam is a highly strategic and insightful search & analytics pro. She has been a tremendous asset to my client engagement teams, lending her substantial expertise to several high-profile projects, and elevating the caliber of our overall delivery and client success. Miriam has a keen understanding of how native optimization impacts not only pure customer acquisition but how it should inform content roadmaps and content marketing. She is a must-have on any digital transformation engagement!”

Katharine English | Transformer-In-Chief at Astadia, Microsoft

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