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Thanks for stopping by! A little about me. 

I love to help entrepreneurs and businesses leverage the power of search engines to generate revenue, with guided programs for websites, landing pages, content development - SEO, and search advertising. The real thrill is when the results are transformative to a clients' overall business. Transformations occur when the web provides a consistent source of ideal leads, customers and revenue at reasonable costs.

I fall in love with every industry and become an expert in its customers and their interests via their online searches (keywords) for both B2B and B2C industries. eCommerce and Services. From lingerie to heavy equipment, personal care, home and pet products to professional services, I have extensive knowledge and expertise based on exhaustive research.

I'm arguably the "keyword queen", a designation few would aspire to have. It sounds a sounds a little bit silly, but it works for me, because it works for my clients. We all benefit by explaining what makes us unique, some sort of branding that sets us apart from the rest. Saying that I'm an "SEO specialist" isn't particularly helpful because so many say they are, and aren't (really).

I try to understand all the ways a prospect who is ready to take action will search for what a client offers. The number of angles and word combinations can be daunting, so there lies the opportunity. Most people just can't be bothered.

I have plenty of examples to illustrate the point, sharable on request.

Summarizing: A Unique Value Proposition

Skilled Implementations. I’ve had to learn, hands-on the ins and outs of WordPress, Shopify, Amazon, and more, and have been a Google Partner for many years. There’s constantly something new to learn and try. The best way to learn is to do it.

A Record of Success. The vast majority of my direct clients enjoy the highest competitive online visibility (Google and Amazon) in their industries, for the searches that are most likely to result in sales or the clicks that drive leads and phone calls.
Every search advertising campaign created outperforms industry bench marks by at least 100%, because research insights inform campaign structures designed to deliver maxium ROI. In simpler terms, campaigns are built to perform well, we don't test with our clients real money.

A Secret to Success, Starting with Apparel Sales.
The secret to success in sales is showing up and then following up.

Showing up with a strong brand, great products and services – and actionable data, is lucrative. I learned this in my first career as a successful manufacturers sales rep in the lingerie industry with Vanity Fair. Our customers were the largest retailers in the U.S. I learned how to be strategic, disciplined and focused on revenue and profitability. 

Nearly a Decade in Digital. My experience and record of success with VF opened doors with top digital marketing agencies, specifically in search engine marketing (SEM), working with some of the largest US companies. I’ve had access to the brightest people, and visibility to the analytics and results.  I can’t say who they are, or what they did (confidential), but I learned what works and what doesn’t.

You Can’t Put a Percentage in The Bank. You Put Money in The Bank. In digital marketing, you can drown in data. It’s a constant battle to filter the metrics that matter. For this reason, I prefer to measure success by sales volume, calls, leads and foot traffic.

Digital Marketing is Hard. It’s actually pretty complicated, so it’s easy to give up trying to understand it. Because people don’t really understand it, business owners are vulnerable to making costly mistakes by hiring the wrong people “SEO's” to help them. The industry has a lot of people in it who are inexperienced, just guessing, or just plain wrong.
There are also a number of great marketers. We learn from them and copy what they do, and try to do it even better. 

A Practice Built by Referrals. Ironically, my practice is built on referrals (so far), not search engine marketing. This is why I have experience in a broad range of industries and topics. The majority of clients are on a monthly retainer arrangement, because there’s always something to work on.

Wanted: Great Products and Service Brands Collaborative Entrepreneurs.   

Having developed a proven, repeatable process to generate revenue online for businesses, it’s time to expand the practice from a few wonderful clients and companies to many and hire talented people as employees dedicated to the success of the entire team and its customers. 

Expanding the practice will enable existing clients to benefit from more, faster services and competitive pricing.

If you have a reputable brand, competitive products and services, and are interested in growing the online portion of your businesses with either consulting services, or outsourcing the entire process, contact us or call  directly to explore the possibilities.

Miriam Bakker
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