Eric H. | Digital Content Strategist at Astadia

Eric“I’ve never seen Miriam’s office, but every time we talk I picture her surrounded by banks of blinking monitors. She seems to pull invaluable insights, backed up by real SEO data, right out of the air. But don’t get me wrong: anybody can poke around inside of Google Analytics, SEM Rush or Moz (reaching the limit of my knowledge of SEO tools here) and come up with interesting statistics and keywords. One of the many refreshing things about working with Miriam is her overall business acumen and ability to quickly get a contextual understanding of whatever project we’re working on together. This allows her to make recommendations beyond what you might expect from an SEO consultant. Miriam is a marketer, she’s a strategist, and she really understands content. I learn things working with her that make me look good. That she is very collaborative and fun to work with are big pluses too. ”