Website Blueprint

Website Blueprint

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The Website Blueprint is the roadmap for your digital sales transformation. The blueprint is the action plan, is is based on the following specific deliverables.

  • Custom Keyword Bank - Thematicaly organized topics and imprtant keyword phrases actual customers use when searching for products and services (primary categories) like yours.
  • Competitive Research - Up to 5 Selected Online and Offline Competitors.
    • Google Share of Voice. Your competitive score compared to others.
    • Strong Example Sites
  • Suggested Site Map - Tool Bar, Main Navigation and Footer Links
  • Mock Ups - Key Page Layouts. Home Page, About Page, Product or Service Page
  • Cost Estimates for Implementation.


In order to complete the blueprint, we need to understand exactly what you offer. While you might say "look at my website" - typically, the story is incomplete.

To ensure that you current "story" is told, you will need to complete a questionaire, and meet with us 2-3 times for interview questions.