Website Strategy Blueprint - ECommerce


Website Strategy Blueprint for Product Sales and E-Commerce

Every website design process starts with a custom website blueprint for content. The process is data-driven, based on your goals, competitive insights, and the products you sell.

The blueprint will make specific recommendations for the most important elements of any successful online store, tailored to your needs and industry. Whether your products are "click to buy" or "request a quote" or meant to be seen in person (visit a store or showroom), the strategy will be tailored to your goals.

The no-obligation strategy blueprint will allow you - or anyone you like - to develop the website or store. We will provide cost estimates, and work with you to determine the fastest and most cost-effective routes.

Every blueprint includes

  • Customer Insights and Data. What people interested in your product search for online. 
  • Competitive Insights. Best practices employed by successful sellers.
  • Merchandising & product listing recommendations
  • Home page mock-ups (if a lot of customization is needed) or visible through a demo store.
  • Proposed site map for seamless user experience and employs SEO best practices.
  • Key page(s) - high level mockups. 
  • 1 Product description example - 5 bullet points 
  • 1 Category page introductory text example
  • Meta Title, Page Description, and Suggested URL for a product
  • A recommended approach for Google shopping listing and syncing.
  • Recommended Shopify themes, based on your products and industry.
  • Recommended apps, based on your specific needs.
  • A full cost estimate of your redesign.