Google Ads - Paid Search and Shopping


Google Text Ads & Shopping Ads

Google campaigns, whether it's search (text ads) or shopping ads, offer us a powerful way to drive sales to people actively in-market to buy.

A well-structured campaign, driving customers to highly informative product listings and category pages can be a low cost-high ROI endeavor.

The best results are enjoyed by advertisers with seamless execution between keyword, ad text, and landing page.

For this reason, we prefer to work with companies where we have control over each step. Keyword selection, landing page development, and ad creation.

If a prospective client has an existing Google campaign, an established site, and seeks improvements, we may be able to help. 

Costs and Timing

The costs to manage the ad program start at $500 per month plus 10% of ad spend (previous month). The price includes 1 monthly meeting and access to a reporting dashboard.