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The best lingerie and swimwear store in Texas? Petticoat Fair. Likely the best swimwear and lingerie store in the United States. For over 30 years, Petticoat Fair has been the ultimate resource for women seeking high-quality intimate apparel and personalized services. Click here to see their gorgeous store for your self. 5-Star curated assortment and customer service!

Lucky us. We were asked to help them maximize their online visibility, traffic to their store, and sales (of course). Online. In-Store.

The challenge? Petticoat Fair carriers the largest assortment of lingerie and swimsuits. (Many SKU's!) Bras? Every size made. Merchandising the store in a way that makes sense to customers and search engines is our specialty. 

petticoat fair bras for every body

Site Architecture User and SEO Friendly

The navigation is designed based on competitor and keyword research. We know how the customer searches online for bras and other products. By implementing those interests in categories and navigation, we can make the site shopping friendly, and search engine friendly for those terms.

user and search friendly navigation

Content & Tags Data-Driven

The navigation is designed based on keyword research. We know what features and benefits the customer is seeking. By implementing those interests in subcategories and navigation filters, we can make the site shopping friendly, and search engine friendly for those terms.

categories and tags

Integrated SEM. SEO. PPC. Local Targeting

screenshot of search results page

SEO Competitive Visibility on Google? 5X Better than next best competitor.

Keyword searches that feature Petticoat Fair results on Google. We target keywords we want to rank for, implement a strategy, and track results.
Visibility share in for searchers located in Austin, TX.

petticoat fair visibility share google

A New ECommerce Site. SEO "Built In".

The new site had SEO best practices for ECommerce implemented in the development process, enabling increased visibility after launch. The number of keywords with national visibility surged from 1.4K to 7.2K in the first 2 months.

  • Worth $7.6K per month, if we had to pay for it.
chart petticoat fair keyword rankings new site implementation

Results? Fabulous

A fabulous website built and launched in 6 short weeks, and traffic delivered to the retail store and website just in time for holiday sales. Teamwork made it happen! Amazing clients, with a well-deserved 5-Star reputation and an assortment of brands and products, allowed us to deliver stellar results in a short amount of time.

I am REALLY pleased with the work you've done...All of the search results and visibilty are fantastic. 

Kirk Andrews - Owner Petticoat Fair

A small savvy team, commited to optimal results.

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