SEO For Leading Boot Company

SEO for Boot CompanyClient Objective

A new eCommerce website for a leading footwear manufacturer, with 5 different brands, with search engine friendly content and navigation. While sales were the ultimate objective, the client understood that meaningful content and user-friendly navigation would convince the customer to buy.


Miriam’s Role On Team

To recommend a research-based, data-driven strategy for the sitemap and SEO, marrying the interests of the consumer, the brands, and the development team for navigation and content creation. I was a member of a consulting team of specialist, under Astadia.


Identified and quantified the interests of the consumers via. their keyword searches for each of the 5 brands. We were able to classify the searches, and specify themes that would help us understand what they wanted (products), what types of products (for descriptions), and questions they had that were a sound basis for content development.


An all-inclusive plan was delivered for navigation (sitemap), product listings, and content optimization. Existing content was optimized for search engines, and mapped to the new SEO’d titles, descriptions, and URL.

Agency Client Testimonial

“Miriam is a highly strategic and insightful search & analytics pro. She has been a tremendous asset to my client engagement teams, lending her substantial expertise to several high-profile projects, and elevating the caliber of our overall delivery and client success. Miriam has a keen understanding of how native optimization impacts not only pure customer acquisition but how it should inform content roadmaps and content marketing. She is a must-have on any digital transformation engagement!”
– Katherine English, Transformer In Chief with Astadia