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Client Objective

A global heavy equipment OEM was seeking traffic leading to sales for a new eCommerce site for 1.4 Million equipment parts, worldwide. This was a 3-year project.

Miriam’s Role On TeamAccount Team Leader, Project Manager
Contract PPC consultant specialist, with other agencies.
A collaborative effort with the client’s internal search team.

PPC Strategy, keyword research and audience targeting, campaign creation, performance analysis and monthly reporting for senior management and key stakeholders in the company.

  • A collaborative, team effort for global reach. 1.4M Parts.
  • Consolidated reporting, including recommendations for the entire team, including SEO and content development.

Created and optimized scalable paid search campaigns for global expansion for 31 product categories for heavy equipment parts. Each category contained branded and generic keywords, equipment types and part numbers.

  • Targeted networks included Google and Bing, for search and remarketing.
  • Ad types included text and banner ads for display.

Twelve consecutive quarters of growth in traffic, conversions, and sales.
The project was complete when all 1.4 Million parts were launched in 4 languages worldwide.