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The Best GYN in NYC? Dr. Goldman.

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Leading Integrative and Functional Medicine GYN Practice in NYC

Dr. Gary Goldman is a prominent New York City physician specializing in Gynecology, Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine.  


Gary Goldman MD

Dr. Gary Goldman


"Miriam has completely transformed my business."

The Challenge

A Program to Reach and Engage at Every Touchpoint
Dr. Goldman knew that his current digital agency and existing website couldn't take his practice to the next level.
An integrated, branded marketing approach was needed to better serve his current patients and grow his practice.

Our Solution

Create an integrated search engine marketing program to maximize visibility on local (NYC) search engine results pages to reach patients who were interested in finding a general physician or specialist who provided information on specialized health topics and services at every touchpoint.

Defined Goals

  • Increase Visibility - Organic and Paid
  • Improve quality and SEO relevancy and rankings for business listings.
  • Improve ROI for paid search.

Our Process

Armed with data and actionable insights, we crafted a multi-phase prioritized strategy.

Defined Process

  • Competitive Research
  • Thematic Keyword Research
  • New Website with Development Partner
  • Content Development & SEO Optimization
  • Actionable Tracking and Reporting


gary goldman md website

How do people approach their research on medical services and information? From multiple angles. Type of Physician. Specializations. Location. Health topics and areas of concern. 

User interest drives the approach: on-site navigation, content, and search engine marketing strategy for SEO and paid search.

User interests drive content structure, SEO and Paid Search program.

SEO - Maximum visibility on Google.

Tracked : 104 Keywords, 20 Top Competitors

goldman SEO visibility NYC medicine
Screenshot search results page integrative medicine nyc

SEO Results - 1st Five Months

  • #1 Overall Visibility
  • #1  For Keywords - 1st page. 
    • 35% Higher than next best.
  • #1  For GYN
  • #1   For Functional Medicine
  • #1  For Integrative Medicine
  • #2  For "BEST" Keywords
  • #1  For "TOP" Keywords

PAID SEARCH - Geo-Targeted

Screenshot of PPC ad functional medicine GYN search on mobile device

Objective: Maximum visibility for highly targeted and relevant search terms.

As a prominent, highly-credentialed NYC physician with multiple areas of focus and specializations, our goal for paid search is to be seen at the top of the page with informative text ads for the most relevant searches.

PPC Campaign Results - 1st Three Months

#1 Visibility in the industry. 

A small savvy team, commited to optimal results.

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