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SEO and PPC for OEM parts The Keyword Agency Miriam bakker
SEO, PPC Parts Marketing

Client Objective

A leading Heavy Equipment OEM needed to attract highly targeted prospects to content created to educate customers about the features and benefits of their branded products and to convince them to purchase their branded tracks to generate leads and ultimately sales.


Miriam’s Role

A contractor working with other agencies.

To support the internal marketing and search team by providing keyword and competitive research, insight and a plan to reach interested and targeted prospects using search and display campaigns. Monthly reporting for key stakeholders, including analysis, KPI reporting, and recommendations for campaign optimization and improved user experience.

The Process

Comprehensive campaigns were created using branded and generic terms for PPC implemented on Google and Bing, with site and topic targeting for Display Network. National Targeting.

  • Campaign Strategy Addressed
    • Brands vs. Generic Terms
      • Competitors for targeting.
    • Equipment Searches
    • Product Type Searches
    • Feature and Benefit Searches
    • A/B Testing for images and messaging.


Thousands of relevant and interested visited the site and engaged with the content. Tracking was enabled at every step of the way, onsite engagement, and form completions.

Leads were delivered to the sales teams.

Client delighted.