Website Content Blueprint

Website content blueprint meeting

The Website Blueprint - For WordPress, Others 

* For Shopify sellers - see the Shopify Blueprint

The website blueprint is a detailed plan for your new website layout, and a key milestone for your online sales transformation.

With the blueprint, you will see how everything comes together to create your customer-centric website that buyers, and search engines will love.

The blueprint is the implementation plan, based on specific activities and deliverables outlined in steps 1-3.  

The Blueprint 

  • Define Your Offer (Step 1) Who you are, and what your offer (exactly). A collaborative exercise that includes a review of your current website, a completed questionnaire and interview. A strategy brief will summarize our findings.
  • Know Your Customer (Step 2) A thematically organized Keyword Bank for your industry, products and services. The Keyword Bank is delivered in an excel spreadsheet.
  • Competitive Analysis (Step 3) Your top competitors, online and offline. Identified best practices (examples) for content creation and layouts. The competitive analysis includes domain reports, and screenshots of ideas we like.
  • A Proposed Sitemap - to help your prospects and customers find what they need, and to help search engines understand who you are.

Total Cost for Content Blueprint $ 6,000
Time to Delivery - Typically 3-4 Weeks.

Optional Design Mockups for WordPress, Other 

  • Homepage mockup designed to tell your story, and optimized for conversion.
  • Page Strategies - high-level guides with examples to optimize layouts to be visually appealing while conveying the most important information.

Mockup Cost (Extra) $1,500

Optional SEO Training & Cheat Sheets - Quote on Request

Website Design & Implementation Costs

After reviewing the insights and recommendations with you, we can provide a full cost estimate for impletmention. 

The total cost for a new website depends on the level of customization required, branding and design elements, how much existing content there is to work with, and how much content is needed.

Ultimately, it's all about time required. We would be happy to discuss your options with you.

Unfortunately, there is no "average cost" - because every client is different.