Know Your Customer Interests

Your Customers Interests

Your Digital Consumer

For any topic, from toothpaste to luxury vacations - people are search obsessed, . We all do it. We type in our searches, and increasingly - use voice search. People want to know what is "the best", how things compare, etc. They search using all types of refinements to find exactly what they want.

We call what YOU have, that THEY want - "the thing" so we can illustrate the point. Your prospects are searching for information about what you have from a variety of angles. Searches interest data gives us clues (and a tool) for content development, for both products and services. 

Why It Matters - you want to show up in search, and only pay for ads for relevant terms. Once people come to the site or landing page, they expect to see all of the relevant informtion.

What is YOUR Prospect Searching For?

Savvy online marketers have discovered a key to building trust with their prospects - provide a whole lot of information that matters to them (the buyers) while they are in the process of making their selections.

  • Whether you are selling products or providing services, the keyword research process is the same. 
  • Keyword research is Step 2 in the digital sales transformation process, and should be done after "Define Your Offer", so that we know what (exactly) what product and services we want keywords for.

How to Do Keyword Research

Thanks to predictive search on Google - anyone can do keyword research.

Here's a quick illustration. If you make pasta, or sell pasta - you could use these keyword phrases on your website or in your product listings.

You can apply this simple process to your own business by searching for topics relevant to your product, service or industry.

Google Predictive Search for Keyword Research


predicitve search best pasta forNotice how Google suggests popular searches for you to slect.
The order in which we see the information is probably based on popularity - or what we geeks call "search interest volumes"
The person making this search queerie may - or not - be in the market to buy pasta after they get their answer.