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woman shopping online holding a credit card

Stats – Online Shoppers Ready To Buy Favor Google, Shun Social Media

Online Shopping | Browsing vs. Intent. Why we avoid social media. People don’t buy via social media. Yes, there are exceptions, but planning to be an exception is a risky strategy for most brands. FaceBook and other social media sites are not a reliable source of revenue, and revenue is our goal. People looking to…
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Mobile Online Advertising 2018 and 2019 Outlook

Mobile ad spend has eclipsed desktop. Has yours? Is that a good thing? Maybe. Success on mobile depends on your type of business and goals.
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How conversational searches change your search strategy

People search using terms like "what is the best" or "how do I.." or "what is..". Be the best answer for their question.
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Google Search 2018 Consumer Insights for 2019

Understand the important trends the folks at Google uncovered in 2018, and what is important for 2019.
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graphic showing woman searching on phone

Search Intent Marketing

Forget everything you know about the marketing funnel. Today, people are no longer following a linear path from awareness to consideration to purchase. An interesting example of someone searching for makeup. Great insight from Google.
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Does Keyword Stuffing Hurt Rankings on Google?

The short answer is no, it doesn't. John Mu from Google shares the answer to the question - why keyword stuffing does, in fact work, if you are useful.
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SEO and Searching for Best Everything

People frequently search using the term "best". They use it, so we do - too. Learn more.
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Schema Markup: Increasing Clicks With Rich Snippets

Schema Markup and Rich Snippets One of the most exciting new developments in SEO is called Schema markup. This new form of optimization is one of the most powerful, but least used SEO strategies today. Adding Schema markup to your website helps search engines better understand the content on your webpages. Search engines use this…
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The Keyword Agency SEO Ranking Factors from SEM Rush

SEO Ranking Factors for Search Results Page from SEMRush 2017

A 2017 study published by SEMRush has quantified the factors that influence rankings on search engine results pages. This study is valuable, in that it helps us understand what matters, and how much it matters. If we put these factors into categories – these are the most important. Brand Popularity and Engaged Visitors Links-in from…
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The Keyword Agency | Miriam Bakker Amazon Ad Spend Report 2017

Amazon Ad Spend and Performance by Format November 2017

Amazon PPC Performance by Format Source : marketingcharts.com
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The Keyword Agency | Miriam Bakker

B2C Marketer Adspend Plans 2017 2018 By Channel Chart Amazon Leads Increase

Amazon Advertising – AMS Projected for Growth 2018 Share of B2C marketers spending ad budget on various platforms, and proportion expecting to increase spending on those platforms in the next 12 months. Chart source: marketingcharts.com
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