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For Manufacturing Companies. Wholesale and Retail

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You make it. We'll help you sell it online. Digital marketing agency services delivered by a highly experienced sales team. Responsive websites that inspire action and conversion, and search engine marketing programs (SEM) for manufacturers to attract and drive visitors with effective online advertising or PPC or pay per click management for manufacturers and on-site search engine optimization (SEO) tactics for manufacturers that are highly effective for managing large catalogs and thousands or millions of UPC codes. We are ECommerce SEO specialists.

Industry Experience - Digital Marketing and SEO for Manufacturers
Some examples are direct clients, others are as SEO specialist on an agency partner team (brands confidential). 

B2C SEO and PPC for Manufacturing Companies
Personal Care Product Manufacturers, Cosmetic Manufacturers, Personal Fragrance Manufacturers, Home Fragrance Manufacturer,
Garden Product Manufacturers, Home Product Manufacturers
Pet product manufacturers see a case study, Footwear Manufacturers

B2B SEO and PPC for Manufacturers or SEO for Manufacturing
Global OEM - Heavy Equipment Manufacturers, Parts
Security Access Manufacturer - see a case study
Global Beverage Company Corporate Site

Digital Marketing Programs For Manufacturing Companies Seeking Maximum ROI.

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Maximum Visibility. 

Local. National. Global. »


Maximum competitive visibility at the right costs. A holistic and integrated approach to SEO and PPC.

A prioritized implementation plan.  

ABC. 123.

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Seller Services

Maximum Visibility.

Search. Ads. »


Optimized listings with keywords (SEO) for page 1 visibility, for the life of your product listing. 

Laser focused advertising campaigns to maximize visibility to only the RIGHT Audience, maximizing ROI.

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Designed To Delight.

Optimized For Visibility. »

Win The Sale

Beautiful stores with intelligent navigation and built-in features designed to make the sale.

Stores built by sales and product merchandising pros with search marketing expertise.

Compete Effectively on All Search Engines

Products. Services. Job Listings.
Compete effectively for visibility everywhere people are searching for the best answer.

PPC. SEO for Manufacturing Companies

Digital Marketing Expertise

SEO, PPC For Revenue

A Specialization.
Catalog Management
Integrated Approach

Top of Page

Compete Effectively. Visibility at the top of the search results pages. Branded. Generic.

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Actionable Analysis

Competitive Analysis. Technical. Content Development. UX
Actionable Recommendations.


Seamless Workflow
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Examples - Manufacturer Marketing Programs

Great Brands and Great Companies. Real examples of digital marketing programs for manufacturers and SEO for manufacturers or SEO for manufacturing. and success stories. Click on the image or the text to learn more about the programs and strategies implemented. These are just a few..we have extensive experience with global brands and programs too! Click here to see a more comprehensive list of examples.

Kind Words

Dan Matarelli Caterpillar Inc

Dan Mattarelli

E-Business Manager | Caterpillar, Inc.

Miriam was integral in launching and driving traffic to and helping transform our global eCommerce strategy. She is an expert in Paid Search/SEO planning and activation while providing valuable insight and analysis allowing our customers to discover our site, increase online traffic and part sales.

Carole Cusumano

Carole Cusumano

CEO | My Canine Kids, Inc.

We've had six consecutive quarters of growth. Sales. Traffic to the site. Miriam and The Keyword Agency Team are true partners for us. Shopify. Amazon. Everything. Great people. Great results! 

Dean S testimonial The Keyword Agency Westport CT Miriam Bakker

Dean Schwartz

CMO | Hayward Turnstiles

Competent, capable and extremely knowledgable. Miriam has done a great job...Highly recommended. Definitely the right choice for Search Engine Marketing! 

Will Kelly

Will Kelly

COO | Kelly's Four Plus

The Keyword Agency has been extremely beneficial to the online portion of our business.  Their knowledge of Google AdWords and SEO has helped us create a digital marketing strategy that is growing our e-commerce business and we are excited to continue working with Miriam and her team.


Katharine English

Transformer-In-Chief | Astadia, Microsoft

“Miriam is a highly strategic and insightful search & analytics pro. She has been a tremendous asset to my client engagement teams, lending her substantial expertise to several high-profile projects, and elevating the caliber of our overall delivery and client success. Miriam has a keen understanding of how native optimization impacts not only pure customer acquisition but how it should inform content roadmaps and content marketing. She is a must-have on any digital transformation engagement!”

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The SEO Secret Sauce A Disciplined Process


Domain vs. Domain


Site Maps.

Tag Structure


Meta Data


4 Service Options. A Morning. A Project. A Program. A Partner.

Get Answers.

Makeover Morning

One Morning. A new perspective for $750. A Marketing Makeover Session. Some people who visit our site aren't quite sure what they need to do first or just need some actionable insights.
Some of the most effective strategies take minutes to do and can be implemented by your or your team. 

Competitive Insights

Your online competitors. Your strengths, weakness opportunity.

ABC List. Prioritized

What is a priority?
The A list.
The pivotal strategies.

123. Next Steps. Action Plan.

How. The steps you need to take, to implement the top priorities. The A-list.

Feel Confident in Your Program

Know that you have a plan based on facts and proven strategies. 

Examples. Project Based and Concierge Pricing


$7 - $14K Set Up

  • Up to 500 Products
  • Responsive Design
  • 20 Categories
  • Initial SEO Included
  • Images Client Supplied
  • Product Feed Supplied

SEO Package

$1,166 / Mo

  • $2K First 2 Months (ea)
  • $800 Mo. Next 10 Mos.
  • Content Development
  • SEO On-Page
  • Business Listings
  • Monthly Visibility Tracking

PPC Package

$725 / Mo

  • $1.5K Set Up
  • $600 Per Mo.
  • Up to 1,000 Exact Match
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • High Quality Scores
  • Monthly Reporting

Concierge Pack

$500 - $1.4K / Mo

  • Monthly Site Updates
  • SEO Business Listings
  • Monthy Visibility Tracking
  • Key Metrics Reporting
  • Branded PPC Campaigns
  • Monthly Reporting

All Prices Are Examples. Every Program is Customized

A Partnership Program for Established Brands

For select, established brands. Easy to manage cost and revenue share partnerships. You make it, well manage your entire digital marketing programs and deliver prospects and customers while promoting your brand.

50/50 Cost share for development, 20% Commission for Retail Sales, 10% on Amazon, and 10% for online Wholesale. Minimum volume requirements apply. Contact us to explore this special opportunity.

Contact Miriam

A small savvy team, commited to optimal results.

How can we help you?

FAQ'S - ECommerce Consultant Programs


No, although we prefer Shopify. The same processes and implementations can be applied to any E-Commerce platform. 


We have hands-on e-commerce experience with numerous categories and industries, in both B2B and B2C segments, with our direct clients and as a part of a global or enterprise agency team.


  • Personal Care Products
    • Hair Care, Skin and Nails  
    • Fragrances
    • Nail Care
  • Clothing, Lingerie
  • Footwear
  • Antiques and Collectibles
  • Gift Items, Jewelry
  • Pet Products
  • Food


  • Equipment Parts
  • Security Solutions

There are different kinds of results. Visibility at the right cost is just the start, but the right start.

Competitive Visibility - #1  on Google.

We want our clients to be #1 on Google, or to have the highest possible competitive visibility share. The highest possible becomes relevant for products categories where Amazon and other channels dominate.  

Page One, and top of the page on Amazon for ads.

We want to appear on page one on Amazon for generic searches, and sometimes winning the  "Amazons Choice" designation.

Paid Search

The highest competitive visibility, at the top of the page with the lowest possible costs with strong ads and relevant landing pages.

Key Performance Metrics & Sales

Of course, we want the right traffic (low bounce rate), high engagement metrics and of course sales.

We can only control what we, in our role, have control over. Ultimately it will be the clients pricing and competitive value proposition and reputation that will earn the sale.


We typically have user access to accounts and properties that are relevant to our work, but it's not necessary. In some cases we have access, in others, everything is shared via files and reports.

Accounts may include;

Store Accounts 

  • Online store
  • Amazon Seller

Analytics & Webmaster

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Webmaster

Business Accounts

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp

Advertising Accounts

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads

For our E-Commerce clients, advertising costs should make sense relative to sales volume.

Advertising should typically cost no more than 5-10% of sales of over-all sales. 

Precision targeting for shopping ads and search ads allow us to visible to the right person at the right time, at the lowest costs.

We take great pride in the campaigns we create, and can usually - easily - as e-commerce specialists, deliver outsized returns compared to the typical search engine marketing agency.


We do offer social media support for our retainer clients, to be able to offer a complete solution.

We do not offer social media as an "a la carte" offering at this time. 

In our experience, and based on what we've heard, social media is not a great source of paying customers. Social media, for most folks, is extremely useful for branding, but not necessarily leading to sales.

We've all heard of exceptions. Somebody that sold xx $ or units.. 

We like to follow the 80/20 rule. Focus on the strategies and tactics that ring the register most of the time, for most businesses.


Commission? Yes, for established brands.

Please contact us to explore possibilities.


Our agreements include a two-way confidentiality agreement.

We will not ever share your non-public information without your explicit permission.

We ask that you also, not share non-public specific information about strategies and tactics we may use to help your company. 

We Guarantee The Quality Of Our Work.

We take great pride in our work, at every stage of the process. We can guarantee that we will deliver services, as agreed to in writing performed using best practices for the industry. If something isn't implemented correctly, we will fix it.

Just Want Some Quick Input?

The $750 Marketing Makeover Morning program may be the perfect solution. One morning session, from 9-12. We will come prepared with custom reports and insights to help you identify the pivotal actions that will help you get to the next level. A fresh perspective, proven tactics.

Would you like to learn more?

Concierge digital ECommerce consulting services manufacturing companies and established brands.