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Be seen when it matters, and compete effectively for audiences interested in you, your services and products. The best PPC agency management services allow you to be at the top of the page, without paying more than you have to for online advertising.

Enjoy the benefits of a professionally managed PPC campaign managed by a professional online advertising firm. Compelling ads, precision targeting, and carefully selected match types will deliver interested visitors to select landing pages and product listings at the moment of interest.

In plain English, we take great pride in our strong PPC campaigns, and are very respectful of our clients money.
We hate waste! Dont you? We love a high-performance, high-ROI PPC campaign. Possible when you do the research first.

Online Advertising Platforms

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The Right Message and Medium

Effective Programs

Top of Page

Enhanced Branded Messaging

Special Offers

Text. Image. Shopping.


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Compete Effectively

You. Products. Services. Jobs.


Your Products.

Your Services.


Anything. Everything.

Advertising - Right Cost

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Actionable Analytics

Data | Informative and Actionable




Why It Matters



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Precision Targeting

The Right Person and Place

Precision Targeting


Value Proposition


Landing Page


Digital Advertising Strategy Research 1st. Implement 2nd

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Maximum Visibility. 

An Integrated Approach »


Branded and Non-Branded Strategy.
Google. Bing. Amazon.  

Maximum competitive visibility at the right costs. 

A prioritized implementation plan.  

ABC. 123.

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Smart Ads

Relevant Ads

New or Makeover. »

ROI Centric

Laser Targeted Paid Search

Text Ads. Shopping Ads. Retargeting and Image Ads.   
A disciplined approach delivers leads and drives sales.

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Actionable Data

Continual Optimization »

Strength in Numbers

Everything we suggest and implement is backed by data.

Planning. Tracking. Reporting.

PPC Specialist

Digital Advertising Consultant

PPC For Revenue

A Specialization.
Compete Effectively

Top of Page

Strategies that keep you at the top of the search results pages. Maximum visibility.

Miriam Bakker The Keyword Agency Evan Angelastro 888 668

Actionable Analysis

Competitive Analysis. 
Shopping Visibility Share.
Actionable Recommendations.


Fully Transparent
Collaborative & Informative
Respectful of your money.

Kind Words


Katharine English

Transformer-In-Chief | Astadia, Microsoft

“Miriam is a highly strategic and insightful search & analytics pro. She has been a tremendous asset to my client engagement teams, lending her substantial expertise to several high-profile projects, and elevating the caliber of our overall delivery and client success. Miriam has a keen understanding of how native optimization impacts not only pure customer acquisition but how it should inform content roadmaps and content marketing. She is a must-have on any digital transformation engagement!”

Dan Matarelli Caterpillar Inc

Dan Mattarelli

E-Business Manager | Caterpillar, Inc.

Miriam was integral in launching and driving traffic to parts.cat.com and helping transform our global eCommerce strategy. She is an expert in Paid Search/SEO planning and activation while providing valuable insight and analysis allowing our customers to discover our site, increase online traffic and part sales.

Pete Dorogoff

Pete Dorogoff

Global Digital Advisor | Astadia, Microsoft

Miriam is very astute and tackles every initiative strategically and tactically. She is able to discover trends that lead to remarkable conversions. Not afraid to think differently and make her mark on every project. Miriam collaborates across teams - and leads team initiatives that lead to success. A real treasure!

Dean S testimonial The Keyword Agency Westport CT Miriam Bakker

Dean Schwartz

CMO | Hayward Turnstiles

Competent, capable and extremely knowledgable. Miriam has done a great job...Highly recommended. Definitely the right choice for Search Engine Marketing!

Why Us?

ROI Focused

Your Brand. Your Products. Your Services. Your search engine marketing programs and online advertising strategies are designed and implemented with a hyper-focus on ROI, and Cost Per Acquisition.

PPC Expertise

Been There. Done It. Global and Local. Fortune 100 and Entrepreneurial Clients.  Proven Processes. Prioritized Actions. The success of a program depends on the skill of its' creator. Benefit from experience.

Low Fees

We believe that you should spend as little as possible for your ads. The traditional minimum spends agencies ask for, and charging a fee as a percentage of spend isn't in the best interests of many clients.

PPC Secret Sauce A Disciplined Process


Branded Terms
Learn. Shop. Buy 
Competitive Research

Campaign Design

A Holistic View
Landing Page

Inform. Engage.

Brand Messaging



Sales Driver

With over 3 decades of sales and marketing experience with top US brands and growth companies -offline and online. A digital marketer with business acumen.

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Case Study - Medical

The highest overall visibility in NYC! Example of an integrated program to attract new patients for a leading doctor with new areas of specialization.

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Case Study - B2B

More leads on a 20% reduction in Ad Spend. A strategy focusing on exact match with highly relevant ads and precision targeting maximized ROI.

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3 Service Options. A Morning. A Project. A Program.

Get Answers.

Makeover Morning

One Morning. A new perspective for $750. A Marketing Makeover Session. Some people who visit our site aren't quite sure what they need to do first or just need some actionable insights.
Some of the most effective strategies take minutes to do and can be implemented by your or your team. 

Competitive Insights

Your online competitors. Your strengths, weakness opportunity.

ABC List. Prioritized

What is a priority?
The A list.
The pivotal strategies.

123. Next Steps. Action Plan.

How. The steps you need to take, to implement the top priorities. The A-list.

Feel Confident in Your Program

Know that you have a plan based on facts and proven strategies. 

Online Advertising | PPC Management Costs

We don't have any minimum ad spend requirements because it's not in the best interest of our clients. You should spend as little as possible for click traffic. We focus instead on visibility share for your branded and core, high-conversion keywords, and how much that costs to maintain competitive positions 24/7.

Unlike most agencies, we try to avoid a fee structure based on media spend. Fees as a percentage of media costs may not align an agencies best interests with yours. As campaigns and budgets get larger, a percentage basis makes sense because it's easier for everyone to plan and budget.

  • If a percentage basis is helpful, then 10% over $6,500 and 8% over $15,000 per month.

Digital Advertising Agency Services Pricing

Search. Retarget

$450 / Mo

  • Media Up to $6.5K Mo
  • 1X Set Up $1.2
  • Google, Bing
  • 12 Ad Groups
  • Banner Ad Creation +$
  • Monthly Meeting
  • Active Management

Search + Shopping

$650 / Mo

  • Media Up to $6.5K Mo
  • 1X Search Set Up $1.2
  • 1X Shopping Set Up $1.2
  • Google, Bing
  • Banner Ad Creation +$
  • Monthly Meeting
  • Active Management

Amazon Ads

$800 / Mo

  • Media Up to $5K
  • 30 Keywords Per Product
  • Keyword Exact Match
  • Ad Creation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Products & Brands
  • Storefront Set Up +$


$1.2K or 8% / Mo

  • Media - Any
  • $2.4K + Set Up
  • Google, Bing, Amazon
  • 24 AdGroups
  • 30 Keywords Per Product
  • Competitor Targeting
  • Weekly Meetings

Prices Are Examples. Every Program is Customized

A small savvy team, commited to optimal results.

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