Buyers Keywords Research Services

Keyword Research Services. Keyword Bank and Lists

Intensive keyword research is a core service and the foundation of all the work we do. Research and actionable insights power content strategy, site navigation and laser targeted ad campaigns.

For any product or service, people search actively online to understand their best options.  We all do it! Search obsessed customers looking for quick and easy answers.  

In-Market Buyers use specific language that "tips their hand" that they are ready to make a decision. We start by focusing on them.

It only makes sense! Savvy marketers understand this. We're not alone employing this strategy, but a whole lot of companies of all sizes are missing the boat.

Keyword Optimization Services Offered & Applications

  • Keyword list development - prioritizing in-market buyers.
  • Keyword Bank's - Categorized summaries
  • Written strategies to implement the keywords on-site, in landing pages and for ad campaign creation.

Keyword Research Costs?

The total cost will depend on the number of topics, services or specific products. If you are in an industry where we have lots of experience or interest, an "off-the-shelf" list may be an option.

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