Why Most Blog Articles Are Useless

Why are most articles useless? Here are a few common reasons I see. 
  1. Readers Don't Care About You.
  2. You Don't (Really) Care About The Reader
  3. Your Topic Doesn't Help Drive Sales

This may sound a bit harsh, but it's true. Most blog articles will be seen or read by no one. Why? Because most blogs are written to "get something out there", without a whole lot of thought or planning regarding the topic. A topic should be relevant, with some thought given to how it would ever be read.

If your topic is highly competitive - meaning - if there's already a lot of information big sites like Wikipedia, news sites, or content agragators out there" about it on big sites competitive the topic is, or how to optimize it for search engines if there's a chance for page 1 ranking on Google.

Few businesses actively write articles that address the concerns people really have.  It's human nature for a writer to want to tell a story, their story, instead of answering questions buyers have. This is particularly true on company websites and in blog articles.

Blog writing isn't your opportunity to tell your story if you hope to generate revenue. It's an opportunity to be helpful and build trust. 

Example of Useful Content? Pricing Information

To illustrate my point, we can look at cost and pricing information. People ready to buy or make an appointment will often do research online for pricing information.

It's kind of shocking (or comical) that there are few company websites that address industry costs or prices on their websites. Using services, as an example - lots of people 

Common Problems

  • Content Strategists are Unrealistic About Competition
  • Article Topics Are Too General
  • Content Isn't Easily Scannable

Content Facts & Statistics

According to an Ahrefs study

  • 90.6% Of pages get ZERO traffic from Google.*
  • 5.3% Of pages get 10 visits per month or less.

While not all content is created to be found on Google, it can be very helpful.

  • Tip! Articles that answer your prospects and buyers' questions are powerful because it's the right person, at the right time.

This article isn't being written with any hope of being found on Google, so I don't have to bother with SEO. The only way it will be read, is through a link or view on my website.

Common Mistakes

  • The article isn't the answer to a question
  • The question isn't in the title of the article
  • The topic of the article isn't timely

You may have articles that aren't getting any traffic or want to avoid 

Be Interesting. Actionable & Relevant.

Blog articles, or other content pages 

What Does a Great Article Accomplish?