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Managed search advertising programs that begin with the end in mind. Reaching the right person ready to act now.

Focus. In-Market Buyers. Ready To Act.

Compete. Offense and defense for best prospects.

Fewer Clicks. More Calls, Visitors and Sales

A Sophisticated Approach That's Just Common Sense.

Advertising programs to give you instant access to the people most likely to Buy Now. Call Now. Contact You or Visit Today.

Right Now. Your search-obsessed customer or prospect is looking for their best options online. In-market buyers searching for your exact products, niche services or specific brands should see you as the best option at the top of the search results page 24/7.  Are you there?

  • A common sense approach to search advertising, rarely executed well.
  • Get instant access to people ready act. The fastest way to generate revenue.
  • Be relevant to your prospects with your ads. Inform. Compel. Convert.
  • Feel confident that you are making the smart choices for your advertising dollars.
  • Measure success with metrics that matter. Calls. Inquiries. Appointments. Visits.
  • Compete effectively online, generate consistent cash flow and grow your business

Pure Performance Advertising

Ad campaigns should pay for themselves with revenue generated. Sounds simple, but in reality, it's an objective that eludes most advertisers. Most businesses (possibly yours) will spend money on a whole bunch of clicks without getting a return on ad spend (ROAS). Our customers will typically see their sales from advertising surge, from fewer clicks. How do we do it? We are laser focused on in-market buyers, or people ready to select a service provider or buy a product. We know who they are because they are searching for answers. A no-nonsense approach that makes financial sense.

5 Core Components. Pure Performance Advertising.

1 Reach the right customers on their terms

hands holding cherries
Intent. What they are searching for

Cherry Pickers. Just the right words.

Reach the people searching online for what you have to offer, and are in "buy mode" for your specific type of products and niche services. They search from a variety of angles. Know what they are.

  • Keyword targeting is the key to optimal returns for search advertising.
  • Keyword listening allows us to understand their intent (learn vs buy).
  • Cherry picking allows us to identify the best keywords buyers use.
  • Thematic Strategies. Brands. Types. Features.
  • Included: You competitors best terms for products and services.
  • Benefit by spending money on the people most likely to buy, and stop wasting money on irrelevant clicks.

2 Be Relevant. Informative. Compelling.

relevant ads
The Right Message. The Right Time and Place

Ad Relevancy Is Rewarded

You will be visible to the right person at the right time. The challenge is that there are "a lot of you" out there. Stand out from the crowd with ads crafted specifically to the topic of interest. Benefit from competitive topical research that tells us which ads and approached are best. Strong ads will;

  • Differentiate your brand and tell a compelling story.
  • Inform your prospect - at a glance. Why you should be selected.
  • Convince Google and Bing you are the best answer.
  • Compell People. Humanized ad copy is more interesting.
  • Follow best practices, including optimal bidding strategies.

3 Drive Buyers to Relevant Landing Pages

landing page on different devices
Inform. Engage. Connect or Make a Sale

Page Relevancy Is Rewarded

People are impatient. You have a few seconds to convince prospects you are the right answer. Before your ad is served, you have to convince Google and Bing, too. Your landing page is judged and scored for relevancy.

  • Use your customers' words. Humanize your message to resonate.
  • Convince the search engine you are the best answer with keywords.
  • Compel people to act. Buy Now. Call Now. Contact Us. Learn More.
  • Earn high scores for landing page relevancy (yes, Google actually scores this), and win the top ad slot and pay a penny more than the next highest bidder on Google.

4 Low Risk. High Reward.

graph showing low risk high reward
Invest In Your Success

Sales Drive Budgets

A rational ad budget is tied to revenue, actual or planned. Your campaigns are designed to offer a low-risk, high-reward opportunity by controlling your costs.

Flexible budget and targeting allows you to;

  • Prioritize the products or services to promote.
  • Select your target area. Zip code, radius, city, state, country
  • Easily adjust budgets based on performance
  • Let your winners run 24/7.

5 Actionable Report Cards. Metrics That Matter

award trophies 1st 2nd 3rd place
Analytics With a Purpose

Actionable Report Cards

Understand what's working well, and do more of that. Goal driven monthly reporting and performance review meeting.  Understand what's working from a campaign performance standpoint, what could be better and what to do about it.

See in your report card;

  • Your competitive visibility share.
    • Who you are competing against, and how well you are doing.
  • Your metrics that matter.
  • Your winners; themes that are working
  • Your laggards; make informed choices
  • Benefits; Maximize what's working and cut anything that's not.

Kind Words

Gary Goldman MD

Dr. Gary H. Goldman

Attending Physician NY Presbyterian / Weill Cornell

Miriam has completely transformed my business... She has been a pleasure to work with, always upbeat always filled with creative ideas, always available. There are many good people in her field - but she is truly great!

Dan Matarelli Caterpillar Inc

Dan Mattarelli

E-Business Manager | Caterpillar, Inc.

Miriam was integral in launching and driving traffic to and helping transform our global eCommerce strategy. She is an expert in Paid Search/SEO planning and activation while providing valuable insight and analysis allowing our customers to discover our site, increase online traffic and part sales.


Katharine English

Transformer-In-Chief | Astadia, Microsoft

“Miriam is a highly strategic and insightful search & analytics pro. She has been a tremendous asset to my client engagement teams, lending her substantial expertise to several high-profile projects, and elevating the caliber of our overall delivery and client success. Miriam has a keen understanding of how native optimization impacts not only pure customer acquisition but how it should inform content roadmaps and content marketing. She is a must-have on any digital transformation engagement!”

Dean S testimonial The Keyword Agency Westport CT Miriam Bakker

Dean Schwartz

CMO | Hayward Turnstiles

Competent, capable and extremely knowledgable. Miriam has done a great job...Highly recommended. Definitely the right choice for Search Engine Marketing! 

Pete Dorogoff

Pete Dorogoff

Global Digital Advisor | Astadia, Microsoft

Miriam is very astute and tackles every initiative strategically and tactically. She is able to discover trends that lead to remarkable conversions. Not afraid to think differently and make her mark on every project. Miriam collaborates across teams - and leads team initiatives that lead to success. A real treasure!

How Do We Know They Are In-Market Buyers

  • They are raising their hands. The words the choose indicate where they are in the buying cycle.
  • We focus on them. We limit our client's ads to show to those people, eliminating most irrelevant clicks and wasted costs.
    • Comprehensive research is performed to select the phrases used by buyers.
    • Most businesses and agencies simply don't have the will, access or resources to do this type of work. We thrive on it.

Who Is This Service For

Any business serious about performance, with a budget for online advertising.

  • Local and regional businesses in any industry. Examples include doctors (specialists), retail stores, lawyers, home services providers, photographers, niche realtors, and other service providers. Campaigns customized and exclusive to one business per service area. Lease or Buy.
  • Custom programs and consulting services are for brands and businesses with more complicated services and products. Because we guarantee strong results and assume the bulk of the research costs, our long term success depends on our client's success, we prefer businesses with strong reputations.

Do You Offer Guarantees?

We guarantee our program will outperform your existing program, or you won't need to pay anything to us until it does, just the click charges to Google and Bing.

  • We will audit your existing program. If we don't think we can do better, we will say so.

Campaign Metrics that measure performance include;

  • Competitive Visibility Share. How often you are at the top of the page for the in-market buyer's keywords.
  • Click Through Rate which is indicative of keyword and ad relevancy.
  • Cost per acquisition. Example: The number of your calls and leads/advertising costs.

How Much Do Clicks Cost?

The cost of a click is determined by an auction. How much you pay depends on the industry and the value of the keyword.

Some industries are highly developed and extremely competitive. Lawyers, for example, will pay hundreds per click for clients worth many thousands of dollars.

Other industries, including doctors and specialists, may pay very little (relatively) depending on the topic because doctors aren't as dependent on ads to get new clients, and don't use these types of programs.

Every industry, niche, and their prospect and customers search terms (keywords) is unique in its costs.




How Much Should I Spend on Advertising

For every business, there's a quantifiable value of a customer.

Simply stated, if your ad costs are realistic in relation to the profit you earn from that customer, then you should have an unlimited budget to reach those customers.

This assumes you have the staff and resources to service them, of course!


Lease or Buy a Program

We can offer highly competitive pricing for high-ROI ad campaigns with a "cost share" model, exclusive to one business per topic and service area. The Essentials and Ultimate packages assume local or regional targeting.


$ 400 / month
  • Google
  • Click Fees Additional. Budget TBD
  • 1 Geographic Target Area
  • Proven Winners - Customized For You
  • Up to 20 Keyword Themes, 40 Custom Ads
  • Monthly Report Card
  • 1 Hour Monthly Consultation
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Campaign resides in our account.
  • No access needed to your accounts
  • Active Keyword Bid Managment
  • $400 One Time Set Up Fee (Waived with 6 month commitment)
  • Guaranteed to perform as agreed, or you don't pay until it does.
  • Landing page design - extra charge TBD

ULTIMATE (Popular)

$ 550 / month
  • Google + Bing
  • Click Fees Additional. Budget TBD
  • 2 - 3 Geographic Target Areas
  • Proven Winners - Customized For You
  • Up to 30 Keyword Themes, 60 Custom Ads
  • Monthly Report Card
  • 2 - One Hour Monthly Consultations
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Campaign resides in our account
  • No access needed to your accounts
  • Active Keyword Bid Management
  • $600 One Time Customization Fee (Waived with 6-month commitment)
  • Guaranteed to perform as agreed, or you don't pay until it does.
  • Landing page design - extra charge TBD


$600+ / month
  • Google + Bing | Search + Retargeting
  • Click Fees Additional. Budget TBD
  • Up to 5 Geographical Areas
  • Custom Competitive Research
  • Up to 40 Keyword Themes, 80 Custom Ads
  • Bi-Monthly Report Cards
  • 2 - One Hour Monthly Consultations
  • Six Month Commitment
  • Campaign resides in your account
  • Google Analytics Access - TBD
  • Active Keyword Bid Management
  • $1,200+ One-Time Set Up Fee. Actual costs depend on complexity of topic.
  • Guaranteed to perform as agreed or you don't pay until it does.
  • Landing page design - extra charge TBD

Need a custom plan? If you are a manufacturer with a large catalog or have a unique situation, we can provide custom quotes. Contact Us.

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