Stats – Online Shoppers Ready To Buy Favor Google, Shun Social Media

chart illustrating online shoppers detination of choice for inspiration or purchase

Online Shopping | Browsing vs. Intent. Why we avoid social media.

People don't buy via social media. Yes, there are exceptions, but planning to be an exception is a risky strategy for most brands.

FaceBook and other social media sites are not a reliable source of revenue, and revenue is our goal.

People looking to buy start on Google, other shopping platforms, and branded sites. This is why we focus our efforts where we do - everywhere except social media.

Social media sites have value for branding and pre-sales and are a viable option for brands with deep pockets for this type of marketing.

Our core clients are interested in driving sales and maximizing their visibility on these search engines. (Yes, Amazon is a search engine, and so is Pinterest - BTW..)

Search Engine Marketing to Drive Sales

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