SEO Ranking Factors for Search Results Page from SEMRush 2017

A 2017 study published by SEMRush has quantified the factors that influence rankings on search engine results pages. This study is valuable, in that it helps us understand what matters, and how much it matters.

ranking factors for search results page

If we put these factors into categories – these are the most important.

  1. Brand Popularity and Engaged Visitors
  2. Links-in from other reputable sites
  3. Content length and Keyword Density
  4. Security (HTTPS)
  5. Video on Page


The Cream Rises To The Top

Popular brands with a lot of visitors who are actively engaged in content get priority in algorithms. If your customers are interested in what you have to say, the search engines will agree you are important.

ranking factors for search results page brand 2

Links In from Other Sites

Links to your site and content from other sites with high-domain authority increase your credibility.

Links In


On-Site or On-Page SEO Tactics

The least important on a relative basis, but critical to the process for small to mid-sized companies are on-site and on-page SEO.

The process is necessary, but will not ensure rankings without people already interested in you and coming to your site.

On site or page SEO


Keyword strategy isn’t just about words. Keyword listening allows us to understand what people are interested in, and drive both content creation and navigation choices to provide a positive user experience.

A brand or company with a lot of user interest and engagement onsite will win, online -offline and on the first page of search results.

Your brand and branded keywords implemented correctly will result in top rankings for people searching for you.

semrush key takeways

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